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Our rates

We have competitive rates and our wait times are fair, established according to the availability of our student translators. 

Translation rates per word

  • English > French: $0.17/word

  • French > English: $0.18/word

Special rates

  • Resume translation: $100/600 words*

  • Resume + cover letter translation: $150/900 words*

  • Long thesis abstract translation: $70/450 words*

  • Short thesis abstract translation: $40/250 words*

Academic transcript translation

  • Update : $30  

  • 90 credits and below: $50  

  • 91-135 credits: $60 

  • 136-250 credits: $70 

  • 251-359 credits: $95

  • 251-359 credits: $110

*$0.17/additional word. Please note that we charge an extra $0.01 per word for non-members of the university community. N.B.: With the exception of Université Laval academic transcripts, we cannot translate official documents, whether they require a certification or not. For any such request, or for a translation into a language other than French or English, please contact the OTTIAQ. We accept payments made by check, with cash, or with a bank transfer from a Canadian banking institution.

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